#241 - BBK Artist


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There's a good choice of art programs for the XL/XE so why another? Well, each program is different and one program may suit you better than another, especially a program that is as easy to use as this. BBK ARTIST works in Graphics 7+ giving four colour pictures at high resolution. The menu screen presents you with twenty-five commands of which twenty-one are used to create your computer art. Other commands allow you to save your work or load in pictures created with Micro-illlustrator (Koala), MicroPainter or MagniPrint. With the drawing commands you can create boxes, lines, circles/ ellipses, rays, plot text on screen in any character set you design (in any size you desire) and touch up your painting in 'enlarge' mode. This is a feature packed program with full instructions on disk so you can use the program to the full. Try this art package out it could be the one that relegates your current art program to the disk box.

Boot without Basic.