#243 - Lasermaze


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This is a playable demo of a unique strategy game from KE-SOFT that is going to be difficult to describe. The object is to use a power source in the centre of the screen to fire a laser with which you must destroy a number of targets that look rather like hamburgers! The laser always fires in the same direction but will bounce off the side walls and any object it hits. What you need to do is to position two blocks so that the laser will strike one or both of them and so deflect to hit a target. You are represented on screen by a little wizard with a staff and one of the objects is to make sure that the laser does not hit you as you will then lose a life. It doesn't sound a very exciting game but this is one of those games that soon becomes highly addictive and will have you trying again and again until you can solve one screen to pass onto the next. This demo version has eight playable screens, so is well worthwhile playing. The full version available from KE-SOFT or ANG has added music, another 45 levels and a level editor to enable you to create your own games. This addictive game could well have you hooked!

Boot with Basic.