#244 - Hulk Out


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You find yourself on one floor of a strange building occupied by a few nasty Skeletons and a Bully who would quite like to beat you up. Only by retrieving the keys to various doors and passing through the GammaRay machine will you gain enough powers to defeat the enemies. Until that time you just have to avoid them. You start with 4 lives and lose a life if you leave a door open for more than a couple of seconds, collide
with the Bully or a Skeleton, enter the Ray Machine backwards or enter an elevator that is in use. There are several coloured doors on each level and you must have the appropriate key to open them. Once you have collected all of the keys you can take the elevator up to the GammaRay machine, pass through the machine and HULK OUT, thus gaining extraordinary powers that will enable you to defeat the Skeletons and pass on to the next level. To win the game you must compete all levels and finally beat up the Bully and throw him out of the house. You can choose to play with or without the Bully and can choose the number of Skeletons. A pretty good game released as shareware by a disabled war veteran from the USA who deserves some support for his efforts.

Boot with Basic.