#246 - Zyclop


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An excellent platform game that has 48 challenging levels and the option to create as many more levels, or new games, as you wish. As with most platform games the object is to collect treasures whilst avoiding objects that will kill you. Where this one is slightly different is that certain sections of the floor will disappear as you pass over them allowing no way back, so you have to think very carefully about the route you will take. It Is too easy to find that that you have left a treasure in a spot that you can no longer access. Although you must think out each level very carefully a timer brings added pressure so you must think on the move. I have only tried the first few levels which proved challenging enough but you have 48 in all. This is certainly a top class challenge. There is also an editor which will enable you to create your own games but the instructions are in German so it might prove a little difficult. With a little experimentation and perseverance, however, you may be able to create a game of your own that will put your name in the PD hall of fame!

Boot with Basic.