#250 - Fun For Two


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Computer games are often more fun if there are two players and this collection should keep any twosome happy for a long while with five games to choose from. TVJAJI is a game that may have its origins in the classic Pong but is as far removed from that game as you could imagine. The object is to defend a wall behind your paddle from attack by your opponent volleying the ball towards you. If he breaks through you lose a point. So far much the same, but the differences start to become apparent when a number of computer 'players' start to interfere with the ball. These include Aliens, Square Faces, Springs, Long-legged Aliens and a Laser. Each of these will do different things with the ball. There are lots, lots more diversions included all of which are fully explained in the documentation on the disk. CAPTURE is a two player maze game in which you must race through the maze to capture the flag before your opponent does. The challenge comes in the fact that you can only see the part of the maze immediately surrounding you. A limited number of bullets enables you to blast through sections of the maze but they should be used with care. EXWALL is a unique tank duel in which the object is to get close enough to your opponent to shoot him. Your tank has spreading fire with a limited range to destroy objects in your path plus the ability to lay obstacles by backtracking. Sometimes the only way forward is to lay obstacles that can then be blasted away. Difficult to visualise, this is probably one of the most challenging two player games that requires a good deal of thought. TANKDUEL is the old VCS classic with enhancements in the scenery. The object is the same, to get close enough to your opponents tank to destroy it. The final game is UNICUM, a Super Breakout variant. This is a game for one or two players with two players playing in partnership each with one half of the screen to cover. All of the usual features of advanced Breakout are included such as collecting certain bricks that give extra features. Two player mode proves more challenging than the usual one player game as you have to anticipate your partners moves as well as your own. UNICUM is a top class piece of programming.

Boot with Basic. Do not write protect.