#251 - Aura Adventures 1


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Five adventures for you to enjoy with the best selection screen ever, at last someone has taken the trouble to put together a professional looking adventure collection. Each adventure has its own style and quirks for you to discover, all are the usual full text adventures. In THE ISLAND you remember some sort of explosion aboard your ship and wake to find yourself on an island. You know you have to get back to civilisation but you can't swim. THE BOW OF BEURA has a similar theme in which your ship has been caught in a storm and you wake up on a small beach at the foot of snow capped mountains but this seems to be a mythical quest. BREATH OF LIFE is firmly set in mediaeval times and opens in a castle with the Princess Pethal lying comatose in a four poster bed. Her father, the King, is at her bedside. It looks like you will have to discover how to save the princess. CORSAIR is set in a small tavern overlooking the town square. This establishment is full of sailors, wenches and lowlife scum and it looks as if you will have trouble just staying alive. Finally ATLANTIS has you as Alastor, Acolyte of Athene and you have been having strange dreams concerning the impending destruction of Atlantis. You decide to leave but it is not going to be as easy as you might think. Five decent adventures with a lot more to them than can be described here.

Requires enhanced density drive. Boot without Basic.