#252 - The Gold Mine


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Actually The Gold Mine and The Princess, an adventure/simulation in which you have to provide the king with a huge herd of cattle in order to win the hand of the Princess. The only way you can purchase cattle is at the local sales but you will need gold. The only way to get gold is from the mine but the mine was abandoned years ago when a fearsome beast appeared in the depths. No one knows if it is still there and there may well be other pitfalls (literally!), including a pack of wolves that have taken residence, but your desire for the Princess is so strong that you must try. The game is divided into two playing arenas, the village and the mine. In the village there is an on-screen menu to guide you in the fashion of a simulation whilst the mine is more of an adventure with you having to map things out and decide how to avoid the perils whilst collecting the treasure. This is an interesting combination of role play, adventure and simulation and should keep fans of these styles happy for many an hour. Also included is DEATHWORLD, a standard text adventure set in space where you are about to land on a small planet at the edge of the Milky Way to discover what has happened to a mining expedition whose communications suddenly stopped some time ago. A nicely atmospheric space adventure.

Boot with Basic.