#253 - Collect & Blast


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A collection of arcade games, three in machine code and one in Basic. INVASION is a standard shoot 'em up with your view from the cockpit of your craft as enemy ships approach against a beautiful star scrolling sky. You have to shoot each of the 100 enemy ships before they wear down your shields. NUCLEAR REACTOR is one of those games where you have to wander about the screen collecting things while avoiding the walls and the local guardian. In this case you need to collect flasks and radioactive waste with increasing amounts on each level. ERG is set in a long scrolling cavern studded with diamonds (or something more exotic?) which you have to collect whilst avoiding four guardians who float around. You have only limited time so keep your eye on the timer which counts down to a detonation. Some nice graphics and scrolling on this one. Last up is DIAMOND RIDE a one or two player game with two players opposing or cooperating in the collection of diamonds and other energy shapes. Two conveyor belts at top and bottom of the screen are linked by two diamond lifts which you must use to ascend or descend to the appropriate belt. The diamonds and energy shapes appear only for a limited time so you have to make fast decisions about the quickest route to each with plenty of changes when the diamonds disappear just as you reach them.

Boot with Basic.