#254 - Triple Crown


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Three games headed up by Triple Crown, a racing and betting simulation in which you can make or lose a fortune on the horses. You need to set up an account at the bookies before deciding how much to place on the horses in each race. There are five horses to choose in each of eight races with previous form shown for guidance. The race itself is fully animated and the excitement grows as the horses near the finishing post. The game can be played alone or with others when it gets more exciting to see who can end up with the biggest pot at the end of the day. CHECKERS is an excellent version of American Checkers (or Draughts as we call it) with full U.S. rules in operation and many variations. Choose to play against the computer or another player, set up problem boards, view a past game, print out a full game and more. Full instructions are included in this excellent machine code game. QUIZ MASTER is a must for anyone interested in quizzes of all sorts. It is a quiz system in which you can set up your own quizzes based on whatever you choose. Use it for homework testing, language learning, pub quizzes, challenges, revision and lots more. Very simple to use, this could provide hours of challenging entertainment for your family and friends.

Boot with Basic.