#255 - This 'n' That


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A collection of several useful or fun programs. CREATER is a machine language menu program, only 12 sectors long, that will enable joystick selection of files on your disks and will load machine code or Basic programs as well as reading text files. Full instructions included. SUPERHOP is a fun fractal pattern generator that creates crystal or snowflake patterns that can be zoomed in or out. JOYTEST will test out your joysticks and paddles. MYGARDEN is a unique program that will enable you to lay out your vegetable plot. You give the size of your plot and indicate which type of vegetables you wish to grow and the program will work out how much of each vegetable you can plant and provide a planting diagram. XF551 ENHANCER is said to increase the Load and Save times with the XF551 by over 12%. KIDSWORD is a simple to use word processor for use by kids or adults who want to produce simple letters or printouts without learning all the complicated features of more advanced programs. Good online help and instructions for the beginner are included. ROLLDICE is a neat dice rolling routine that you can include in your own programs. To round off a couple of graphics programs give you some very pretty patterns to watch. A nice collection with something for everyone.

Boot with Basic.