#257 - Monopoly Memories


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There are a couple of versions of Monopoly for the Classic but none quite like this which is a sort of arcade version of the classic game. Rather than have a board, the properties are laid out along a road which smoothly scrolls as you throw the dice. You start at a 'headquarters' where you can visit the bank, legal department, construction site and more to find out what property you own and your cash balance. There is even a bar where you can go and meet your fellow players if you need to borrow some money. When you take your turn your player walks along the road to the appropriate square. If it is a property which you decide to buy a truck will come along and remove the For Sale sign! You probably won't recognise the property names since this is the American version and one or two rules are slightly different but you get all the fun in an updated and animated version of the classic game. Up to four players can enjoy the fun and you can save games at any point to continue play later. You will also find an excellent concentration game called MEMORY in which you match squares revealed in pairs. Played on an 8 x 13 grid there is a lot to remember but this classy game helps you keep track by keeping statistics of play including time taken, number of tries, number of matches and more. The incentive is there to keep getting better. For 1 or 2 players. To round off there is a simple, but well programmed, 'eat the dots' game in which you have to get round the maze collecting money before the four bad guys get you.

Boot without Basic.