#261 - Slave Cellars of Golgoloth


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A standard text adventure to which another programmer has added graphics created with an 8mm Camcorder, a VCR and ComputerEyes. You and your party were escorting the Princess Shala to the castle of her betrothed. Unfortunately as you camped for the night the dreaded Slave Masters of Golgoloth attacked. Though young, you fought very bravely but you were unable to hold off the savage slavers. The last thing you heard before being struck unconscious was the Princess's helpless scream. You awake and look about. The bodies of your men lay strewn around you but there is no sign of the Princess. You are filled with fury and vow that the Slave Masters, followers of the evil Golgoloth, will taste your vengeance. Their blood will flow! But you are left alone, shivering in your simple loincloth. All your weapons and your armour are gone. What will you do?

Boot with Basic.