#262 - Musical Menu Maker


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Now you can create your own specialised boot disks each containing up to eight machine code programs accompanied by your choice of music. There are over 50 tunes for you to choose on this disk, mostly taken from commercial games but with a few others. Your favourite tune must be here! Also included is the famous, or infamous, Rob C Menu maker which gained quite a reputation in past years as the menu of choice for those who pirated software. Nowadays there is hardly any software to copy and it never was easy to copy protected disks. Although this program contains facilities to copy disks and tapes to a boot disk you won't be able to copy your entire software collection but you may find it useful to have several programs on one disk. You will also find a copy of DISKY II, a sector editor and disk manipulator but this has no instructions so you will need some knowledge of using sector editors to be able to use it.

Boot without Basic.