#263 - Programmers Tools


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A small collection of utilities for those who write their own machine code programs or who like to fiddle around with disks. DISKTOOL is a sector editor that allows you to scan sectors, move sectors, compare sectors, scan memory, analyse VTOC, search for protection and look at boot info. ASSEMBLER is a two pass assembler that requires a 130XE or 128k machine. It is an updated version of a program on a very early disk amended to run at greater speed with Turbo Basic. If you would like to dabble with a few machine code routines, this could be the ideal simple assembler. SECMOVE is simply a straightforward sector mover, ideal for tasks such as moving directories to hide them from view. Finally LISTING FORMATTER is a good debugging tool. It will take a LISTed program and print it out in an easy to read fashion with each statement on a line printed out on separate lines and with loops indented. Note that Turbo Basic will be needed to run several of the programs on this disk.

Boot with Basic.