#264 - Showdown


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Another great disk for gaming fans with shootouts from space to the prairie. In STATION your task is to act as guardian to a space station destroying all manner of drifting spacecraft, asteroids and space debris before they can harm the ship. TYRANTS OF TORMENT finds you doing a similar thing but on a planet. You seem to be on a huge conveyor belt shooting incoming aliens but every so often you must avoid obstacles on the belt. Nice graphics in this one. ALIEN AMBUSH is a fast and furious machine language shootout with loads of explosions and lots of action. Alien ships split up into smaller units when hit and bounce all over the screen becoming extremely difficult to avoid. SHOWDOWN is an excellent two player cowboy shootout from Germany written in machine code. An excellent opening sequence gives way to a coral in which you fight it out with your opponent whilst at the same time trying to shoot rabbits and collect gold nuggets. A great variation of an old theme. In DAM TROUBLE you have to defend a huge dam with a helicopter gunship. Incoming missiles have to be shot down whilst, at the same time, avoiding bullets aimed at your helicopter. Can you avoid the dam being breached? Final game is FATAL CONNECTION, another machine code game which has full instructions detailing a fancy story about life on an alien planet. Your task is basically to fill a maze with an 'anti-void' substance and then shepherd the alien lifeforms to different exits in order to save them. Filling the maze is easy but getting the lifeforms to go where you want them can prove quite a challenge. Overall another fine games collection.

Boot with Basic.