#268 - Mean Old Uncle Henry


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An adventure in the classic style by none other than Les Ellingham! This was written back in 1982, at the time when adventures were quite new on the Atari and was intended for commercial release. It never quite made it because I ran out of time to do a few refinements and Page 6 took over. Those who tested it at the time thought it was quite good and trying to play it today I find it extremely difficult! The story is that you are desperately in need of some money (nothing changes!) and the only thing you can think of is to pinch some from your Uncle Henry while he is away for a while. Once you can get in the house there comes the task of finding out where he hides the dosh. There are a good few puzzles to solve before you can get near the cash. All of the usual commands are available but there are one or two peculiarities (this was written at the birth of adventuring). The only clues you get are that you cannot use abbreviations for directions, you must type GO NORTH etc., and you have to figure out exits from locations yourself. There was going to be a prize for the first person to finish the adventure and discover the amount of cash but I can't remember how much it was? In fact I can't even remember how to play it, so how about someone providing a solution for the Tipster page? There is also a bonus of a version of the Tunnels and Trolls role playing adventure which I never completed. Perhaps someone would like to finish it off?

Boot with Basic.