#271 - Basketball Pro Style


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A simulation of US Basketball between teams from Boston and LA based on the real players and their strengths and skills. Other teams are available as data disks but many games can be enjoyed using the two teams supplied. The game is intended for two players, although one person can play both teams. The skill comes in deciding which players to use in each of the four periods taking into account their special skills, level of fitness, injuries and number of fouls committed during the match. The disk contains full details of the player's offensive and defensive skills, stamina levels and more and is updated each time you play. There is no arcade action as the score in the game itself is determined by the team selections you make and is shown in text format as each player scores or is injured. If you enjoy the challenge of simulations you should enjoy this excellently programmed game which will make a change from the usual football simulations.

Boot with Basic.