#272 - Atari User Classics Vol 2


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Another collection of some of the best games from the old Atari User magazine. In CHOPPER RESCUE you will be flying a helicopter to rescue stranded pilots. You have to avoid an enemy plane which will bomb you and you have to blast your way through the rock to find pilots hiding in underground caverns. MONEY BAGS is a platform game in which you have to collect all the bags of gold while avoiding nasty spiders. In CAVERNS OF NALA you will be venturing underground in a space craft in an attempt to destroy an enemy ship, but first you'll have to unlock the gates guarding the complex. PYROMANIA is something quite different, you have to shoot birds with fireworks rockets! As the birds come down you have to ignite the rockets to try and blast them! Not sure what the R.S.P.B. would think but it's different! MANIAC MOVER is a simple but classic game. Just race your car along the motor-way and avoid hitting or being hit by other cars. Simple, but it's is fast and furious and one of those games you just have to try once more because you just know you can do better. SUBMARINE HUNTER has you in a destroyer dropping depth charges on the subs below. There does not seem to be a penalty for blasting the shoals of fishes! All the time the subs are firing at you. Last one is CAR CRAZY where one or two players attempt to drive their cars around a track, but these cars are really crazy and need a delicate touch on the controls. One wrong move and the cars.will be going crazy!

Boot with Basic.