#273 - Card Games


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Those who like to play card games will enjoy this collection which is primarily for one player. You can while away the time or practice your skills for real play against others. There are seven games included but let's start with the best. CRIBBAGE is a great game that not often found on computers but this version has all of the features. Graphics are simple but adequate and if you know the rules you can have a great game against the computer with the score kept up to date on the on-screen crib board. Play FIVE CARD STUD against four opponents in which all the odds are worked out by the computer which plays the other four hands. This really feels like the real thing as players attempt to bluff and will raise by appropriate amounts depending on their hand. Lots of excitement when you know you have got a good hand. Another version of Five Card Stud has you head to head in a simple deal but is great for practice. EUCHRE is a game that I don't know but seems to be a form of Whist or Bridge. Four players, playing solo or in pairs taking tricks. Seems to play well. The others are JOYSTICK SOLITAIRE which looks to be good but I can't figure out how to lay the foundation cards, perhaps you will do better. Another solitaire game is LAST TRUMP which I am not familiar with so you'll have to work it out as you play. Finally there is TWENTY ONE, the good old Blackjack classic that almost everybody knows. If you don't know the rules of some these games get a book on card games and you will really enjoy playing.

Boot with Basic.