#274 - Super Adventures 10


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Four more convoluted or complex adventures for you to pit your brains against. We start with DR. LIVINGSTON in which you awake in a room which you presume is in Africa. You can find some hiking boots and a knapsack fairly easily but it doesn't seem to be so easy to get out of the room to go exploring. In ESCAPE FROM THE DUNGEON OF THE GODS you are one of a rebel band that is fighting the evil king in the medieval town of Alvard. You have been captured and thrown into the legendary Dungeon of the Gods. Legend has it that there is a secret chest here which contains the power to defeat the king. You must find the Chest whilst avoiding or slaying the monsters and guardians that lurk in the prison in order to rejoin your comrades and finally free the citizens of Alvard from tyranny. Escape of another kind comes from VOLCANO ISLAND on which you have been shipwrecked. The volcano is extremely active and you must find a way of being rescued before it erupts and the island sinks beneath the waves. OPERATION SABOTAGE is set farther away, on Mars in fact! Here you are a secret agent who has penetrated the complex of an alien civilisation which is intent on waging war against the Earth. Your mission (if you decide to accept it!) is to return with the plans of a super shield which can protect against fleets of attacking craft. If you can destroy the base before you go that will be a bonus as well. Four tough challenges in classic adventure style.

Boot with Basic.