#275 - Shoot and Run!


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You find yourself shooting lots of things with this one, but once in a while you'll have to run instead! Start off at the shooting gallery, there are two to choose from. By far the best is SPACE GALLERY in which aliens move along various levels, hiding behind rocks as space craft fly along overhead. Loads of colour and action make this one of the best shooting galleries on the Atari. If you like the pace a little more sedate you can try DUCK SHOOT which has a familiar theme, just like the fairground shooting booths. Just shoot anything that comes along. Shooting of a different kind comes in ROCKET RAIDERS, an early commercial release by Artworx. You have to defend the city from incoming missiles which will try and break through the shield arced above the buildings. A 3-D view adds to the atmosphere but this is a fairly simple game of timing and judgement. Enough shooting, time to run! REBEL PROBE is a multi-room game in which you have to try and get the robot probe out of a complex in which it has photographed secret plans. You must avoid the walls and barriers and, of course the patrolling sentries who guard each room. CAVERNS OF DEATH has top class graphics in a maze game with both overhead and side views of your progress. You must find your way around and avoid the poisonous snakes which you find everywhere. There are ladders which seem to lead down to other levels but you will need to find a key to unlock their secrets. This is another game from Germany with great graphics and lots of challenge, especially as you only have one life! We round off with a couple of maze games. MAZE MANIA has simple graphics and the task of finding a few gems scattered about but is surprisingly addictive as you try and remember the way from one screen to another. The last one is a 3-D maze in which you get a short glimpse of the layout and then try and find your way out in 'real' perspective.

Boot with Basic.