#276 - Bombs to Brains


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Some thinking, some running and blasting. BOMBJACK starts us off in machine code style where you have to manoeuvre Jack all over the screens bursting balloons while avoiding the rockets. Lots of colour and smooth action in increasing levels of difficulty. BIKER DAVE has a challenge of a different sort as he attempts to jump cars Evil Knevil style. You must judge his approach run to perfection and pull back of the joystick to launch him over the cars. Too slow and he hits the cars, too fast and he careers off screen. GOOD KING ZURP is a strange one in which you seem to need to collect the ingredients for the perfect pizza. There is not time to collect everything on screen so get the pasta, garlic, seasonings together and don't hit a maggot on the way! RUNJUMP is a platform game very similar to Mr. Robot or Lode Runner and is a nice challenge. There is even a construction kit for you to create your own screens although, strangely, this is set up to save to cassette. Should be simple to change the program. CREEPY CAVERN is a multi-room hunt for gems and gold while avoiding snakes and the cavern guardians. Nicely done graphics and plenty of rooms keeps the action going for some while. Time to think! Try ROLLER BALL first, a sliding puzzle style game in which you have to move various sections of pipe so that your marble can roll through to the exit. Smooth action and some classy looking graphics. Lastly MARBLES is one of those extremely frustrating games in which all you have to do is remove the marbles by jumping over them. Looks easy, plays hard!

Boot with Basic.