#277 - Atari User Toolkit


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Lost for a few years, this fine set of utilities should be in every programmers disk box. Boot up the disk and you have a range of commands to use from Basic that will help with many programming tasks. There are ten commands of which the most useful are DIR which displays a disk directory without going to DOS; DEL will remove a single line or block of lines from a Basic program; REN instantly renumbers a program to any starting line and increment of your choice, you won't believe how quick it is!; CHANGE alters the name of any variable so if you have a program which you are trying to unpick you can identify a variable and give it a more meaningful name throughout the program; STRIP takes out REMs and reduces the size of your programs; LISTING prints out programs on an Epson compatible with all special characters shown; VAL coverts between Hex, Decimal and Binary; LVAR gives you a complete listing of all variables used in a program and where they occur. Overall an incredibly powerful set of programming utilities that every programmer will find a use for. Even if you only use one or two commands you will find your programming takes on a new ease and you won't have to sort through your library trying to find individual routines. Great stuff!

Boot with Basic.