#278 - Super Adventures 11


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Another set of three adventures headed up by a machine code exploration of your Atari. AGENT CIO is set inside the very machine that you use to play the adventure. Your job as an agent of the CIO is to solve problems which occur inside the Atari, in this case the user is having problems booting up a disk. You will find yourself in the cartridge slots, the ANTIC chip, along the parallel bus, into the POKEY chips where you will be deafened by the sound of the four channels, and lots of other places. Each location is described as a cross between the architecture of the computer and a standard room and the descriptions are very cleverly done. Not only do you have an interesting adventure puzzle to solve, you will also find out a thing or two about how your Atari works. ARABIAN NIGHTS is a more classic tale of mystery and magic set in Baghdad. Here you must help the Caliph get his daughter back from a spell cast upon her by an evil magician. You must find the shell of the egg of the giant Roc and return with it to the palace using many magical items along the way. Be wary though, as each item may only be used once. Last one is ADVENTURE X5 which is a bit of a mystery in that you will have to discover yourself what the objective is. You find yourself on the bridge of a spacecraft on a strange planet and must explore and discover. Take the voice activated lift and start exploring, you might find some interesting and strange things aboard your ship.

Boot with Basic.