#279 - Dos 4


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Some years ago ANTIC magazine commissioned a new DOS to try and take the existing DOS 2.0 and DOS 3.0 to new heights but it never really caught on. Perhaps one reason was that this DOS used another format that was not compatible with previous DOS versions, although it can read and convert both DOS 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0. DOS 4.0 comprises three sections, a File Management System, A Command Processor and a Disk Utility Package. You will find all the familiar DOS commands included along with several new commands and every part of the package comes with on-screen help to guide you through. There is not room to describe every facet of this DOS and it may not be for you but for more advanced users it is certainly worth a look if only for the interest of finding out more about disk use. If you are curious to explore your disk drive further check this out, it could end up being your favourite but remember that not everyone will use this format so don't go converting all of your disks!

Boot with Basic.