#280 - Crider's Rags


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The Atari can produce some great 4 channel music mimicking various instruments but perhaps the best sound is that of the ragtime piano. Here we have an excellent collection of rags, two steps and waltzes from the master of ragtime, Scott Joplin. Sit back and enjoy Weeping Willow, The Nonpareil, Harmony Club Waltz, Leola, Wall Street Rag, The Strenuous Life and A Breeze From Alabama together with The St. Louis Rag from Tom Turpin. All are excellently arranged and have a graphic interface showing the notes on each of the four channels used. Scott Joplin's music was used in the film The Sting and will be familiar to snooker lovers as the theme for Pot Black. Have a listen on your Atari to some great tunes and be surprised at how good it is.

Boot with Basic.