#281 - Ramblin' Gamblin'


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No need to bring cash, you start this gambling spree with $10,000 absolutely free! How long it will last depends a little on your skill, a lot on luck and on how reckless you are on the tables. Up to 4 players take part in a series of gambling games - which can be played in order or individually. Your cash is carried forward from game to game. To start off there is the RAMBLIN GAMBLIN BOARD in which you have to select squares to try and win cash or get letters to spell out Ramblin or Gamblin. This is a sort of static slot machine where you move your players rather than spin wheels. Next up is the ROULETTE table where the usual rules apply and the big wheel spins on screen. If you like cards instead, or as well, then 5 CARD STUD will have you pitting you skills against the other players or the computer in the well known game. If you still have money left you can try your luck on the SLOT MACHINES where you can wile away the time (and your money) while waiting for the next game. This is BLACKJACK, more familiarly known over here as Pontoon and you are sure to know the rules. If you still have any cash left after the Casino then you can take off for the track in the final round of betting on the HORSE RACE. Here you can bet to win or for a place with other options also available. Any money left now and perhaps you ought to start gambling for real! This is a very well put together set of programs that work well as individual games or as a complete game for just one or several players with good design and use of players. Isn't it time you had some fun?

Boot with Basic.