#283 - Gabi


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A variation on the game where you have to push blocks about to solve a puzzle but what an unusual and classy variation. In this game you control a squirrel who has to gather nuts for the winter. Before taking the nuts home he has to crush them between a couple of rocks that are lying about. The first problem therefore is to move the rocks and nuts about so that they can be crushed. Each nut crushed presents you with a surprise present to collect and this can be something useful like a hammer to destroy obstacles or something like a spider or spider's web which will block your way. Where this game becomes really difficult is when all the nuts are cracked you have to return them to the squirrel's home before you can go to the next round. This means that, as you are moving the nuts in the first place you have to think ahead to work out how you can move them again later. Often you solve the first puzzle only to find that you have left some of the nuts in an impossible place to move home. The graphics in this are top class and it should be a long time before you can crack(!) the correct sequence of moves on even the first level.

This disk was withdrawn from the library.

Boot without Basic.