#284 - Bongo


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An arcade puzzle game that is set on a strange planet on which is an almost uncontrollable Bongobot. That's just the excuse for a scenario but the game is top quality and difficult to play. You start off on a screen with several keys and diamonds lying about which you have to collect Those immediately around you are easy enough but the others can only be reached by going into various huts which take you to separate games in which you have to collect a key to open the barriers outside. You can't die in the first game but you are likely to die many times inside the
huts! The major problem is one of movement, as you can't actually move your character inside the huts but have to sort of jog the background from side to side so that your player can squeeze through gaps. It takes a lot of getting used to but once mastered is quite playable and quite different from any other game. No idea what happens in the later stages as it is hard enough to survive the first hut! This is a top quality game from Poland. Great graphics, great design, tough play. You are sure to enjoy it if you like challenging arcade style games that cause you to think rather than react.

Boot without Basic. Press START to begin.