#285 - Casino Baccarat


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This is a different style of card game, intended to teach you the rules and skill of playing Baccarat as played in the Casinos of Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Baccarat is a game that requires excellent memory skills as it is played with 8 packs of cards with five cards discarded. Your involvement here is to bet on the bank or the player and try to work out which cards are likely to come up. In this game cards are not counted in the usual manner so you will have to learn the points value but this is fully explained in the game. Rather than being a challenge between players, this is a game for those who love card games and it will teach you the skills of playing a new game that you can then play for real with your friends or, if you are brave enough and rich enough, play in the casino! A well programmed game with good quality graphics.

Boot without Basic.