#286 - Making Music


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As you know there has been some really excellent music created on the Atari but, generally, you have to be a really competent programmer to be able to create such wonderful sounds. Even with utilities programs it is not easy but it can be fun to try! This disk has three excellent music creators that you can use seriously or just play around with. The first is SOUND MONITOR PROFESSIONAL - the best, and the most frustrating because it is written in German and there are no English instructions. But, it can obviously create some top quality music as shown by the three demo songs on the disk. Try loading in Shades and see just how good the Atari can be. If you load the songs on the disk you can alter various parameters to change the style of the notes to create many different effects. If you want more conventional songwriting, try MELODY which is one of the few programs to allow you to write music in the conventional way by placing notes on a musical score. It is so simple that anyone can create a tune, or copy
tunes from already printed material, and either play them there and then or save them to disk. There is even a LIST to disk function which seems to indicate that the melody data can be saved out to use in other programs. The final main program is ATARI DRUM MACHINE, a great program from Poland which uses genuine digitised drum sounds to create, and save, various patterns and complete songs. This is not one of those simple 'bang the keys' drum machines but a fully fledged percussion writing utility. Last but not least there is a great graphics and sound demo called VISDOM which shows just what great music (and graphics) your Atari is capable of.

Boot with Basic.