#287 - Scandisk


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Here's a surprise, a disk that we have had lying around for many years that we have never even looked at! Booting it up this time reveals some interesting programs for copying tapes to disk with other disk and tape utilities, a couple of demos and even a playable game that is different to most other games! The disk is basically a cassette copier/disk utility package with the following options: Tape to Tape copier; Single stage Tape to Disk Transfer; Disk Utilities including Mapper, Formatter, Sector Copier, Bad Sector Creator; Disk Sector Dumper and Editor; Basic Cassette Autoboot Creator and Single Stage Disk to Cassette Transfer. There has to be something useful there but you also get a couple of demos - a Merry Christmas message with falling snow and a vertical scrolling game demo that seems to work as a shoot 'em up but without any scoring. Aside from all that you also have an interesting (if difficult') fishing game called Tight Lines. The idea is to cast your bait in. fly-fishing fashion to try and catch the highest poundage of fish for the day - a sort of Catch of the Day! There are of course various hazards to make life difficult for you and no instructions so you have to work out the game for yourself, but it is not too difficult after a few goes. Altogether a interesting game with a theme that has been explored only a few times before. At least it's not another shoot 'em up!

Boot without Basic.