#288 - Sundry Utilities


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Here's a collection of utilities, many of which we don't seem to have included on earlier disks. Some programs seem familiar but I have checked the index of filenames of the previous library disks and they do seem to be new. First program is REBUILD, a program that claims to help fix your disks when you encounter that horrible 'ERROR 164' which means that your disk linkages have got scrambled. This comes with a good set of instructions and could allow you to retrieve a good number of corrupted disks. SPEED SWITCH is a tiny program that claims to be able to speed up disk transfers by switching out unnecessary housekeeping tasks. It has some good instructions and might be Interest-dig. Another program with full instructions is RELOCATE, a utility that experienced machine code programmers might find very useful. This program is able to relocate machine code programs in memory without re-assembling the source code. It can move 'non-relocatable' programs and also programs with multiple load, run and initialisation routines - all is explained in the documentation on disk. Aside from these main programs there is APPOINT, a database like program that lets you set up an appointment calendar; HSCROLL which is a simple message scroller in Basic; OVERWRITE which will delete files from your disk completely by zeroing out all the sectors that a file uses; VERIFY2 is a neat disk checker to find any formatting problems and TINY MENU is a short menu that runs Basic and Binary files, useful for some Basic code that you could use in your own programs. Fillers on the disk include a Biorhythm calculator, one of those 'mystic' programs in which the computer is supposed to answer your questions and a drive speed tester that doesn't seem to work! The main programs with documentation are what this disk is all about and are sure to be useful.

Boot with Basic.