#289 - Cohnan



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A couple of excellent arcade style games here which have been seen before but which author Robert de Letter has now bundled together with a start-up menu. The first game is The Caves of Ctulhi in which our hero - Cohnan - has to battle his way along many platforms collecting the gems but avoiding the fires, spikes and other nasty things that will end his life. This originally appeared in New Atari User Issue 67 as a type-in and, of course on that disk. The second game is much more of a strategy game combining several formats of collecting gems in a given order and pushing items into a chamber. This was originally on a Futura disk in 1996. Graphics and gameplay on both are excellent and together they represent a challenging set both for steady handed games players and those who like to think. If you haven't got the originals this is the best way to have them.

Boot with Basic.