ST News Volume 3 Issue 1


Trust ST NEWS to come up with something innovative again. Remember the upside down menu bar from a few issues back? Well, this time we have a sideways menu that operates just like a conventional menu! Packed as usual with all the regular features this one includes Solutions to Jinxter and Space Quest II, features on the ST Virus, 5/4" drives, Abaq and the continuing STatarian Love STory. There is also a Virus Destruction Program for those who are worried. All the regular news and up to date info is there including a music corner. Education includes 68000 machine code and Forth plus GFA Basic, Apple Basic, Windows in GFA. Crimson's column features The Bard's Tale. Stacks of reviews including Rampage, 16 colour drawing programs, Word Perfect, Super Sprint, Winter Olympiad, Universal Military Simulator, ECO, Black Lamp, Title Designer, Enduroracer and Slaygon. And there is more including the superb music that has become a feature of ST NEWS.

Hours and hours of reading for just 3.95