ST News Volume 3 Issue 3


Yet another ST NEWS, the first with a new Editor in charge who has brought in some improvements in presentation while maintaining the standards set in previous issues. The articles are now much easier to read with GEM style windows and the response is also faster. This issue includes the solution to Space Quest and Crimson's Crown, a humorous 'owners manual', notes from the previous Editor, ST Virus Part V. the Forth course part 9 and all the other regular news etc. Articles include Border Graphics. Advanced GFA and GFA Basic and there is a feature on Obliterator. Reviews include Captain Blood, Carrier Command, Foundations Waste, Goldrunner II, Leatherneck, GFA BASIC 3.0, Superbase Professional and more. As usual there is much more on the disk. When Richard Karsmakers announced that he was giving up the Editorship of ST News we were fearful that the content would drop off but this one is as good as all the rest. Price stays the same at 3 95.