ST News Volume 4 Issue 2


Whilst the ST NEWS guys get inspiration from the hacker groups like TEX and strive to introduce even more fancy scrolling tricks, they still manage to put out a lot of good reading. This edition which is dedicated to Jean Michelle Jarre and includes an article on the man, has solutions to The Grail and Lurking Horror, more on The ST Viruses, a report of a crazy weekend with the TEX team, the PC'89 Show and one of their crazy stories about why The Earth is Flat. The GFA tutorial includes formatting disks and relocation, Crimson Column is on Leisure Suit Larry II and The Wizards discuss more secrets about border programming. The reviews include Ballistix, Barbarian II, War In Middle Earth, Last Ninja, Police Quest II, Larry II, J.U.G, K-Rhymes, Protext Office and the QL Emulator. Lots to read as usual and some neat scrolling messages, especially in mono. All the usual features of course.