ST News Volume 4 Issue 4


Read all about Richard Karsmakers trip to England (and find out why he didn't come to see Page 6!) in this latest issue of ST NEWS. Presented in a totally different way than previous issues this one is in the form of a diary of a three week visit to the UK during which many top programmers were interviewed and many new games were acquired. The trip is presented in chronological order with the interviews and game reviews included as they happened - quite different and very interesting! There are also several excellent demos included which are not generally available. All the presentation is of the same high quality and the disk is packed with info, it is reckoned there is over 20 hours continuous reading!

Note: The disk is double sided at the usual price of 2.95 but if you only have a single sided drive you can get a special version on two disks for just 3.95 check the order form.