Readers' Letters


Issue 10

Jul/Aug 84

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Dear Les,

I'd like to respond to David Will Henderson's plea for help with 'Sands of Egypt' in Issue 8. Datasoft was good enough to send a copy of the game to our users' group some time ago. As organizer of the Adventure Special Interest Group, it was passed on to me for review. When I played it, I ran into the same problem as David. I found that I could not get the ladder out of the treasure room, no matter what I did. I lent the disk to a friend (who is also a keen Adventurer) and he breezed through this part without a hitch. On my second and third attempts to overcome the ladder problem (each about a month apart), I was again defeated. However, on the fourth attempt, I did the same things as before, but breezed through it without any trouble.

After much testing and retesting and studying the disk with a disk editor, I concluded that our disk had a bug. I couldn't complain as it was a complimentary copy, but David's letter indicates that this bug is probably on all disks. It is the type of bug that only occurs randomly and may not have surfaced during play-testing. My advice to Sands of Egypt players is to save the game frequently, but particularly before entering the treasure room as you CAN get the ladder (sometimes) and you DO need it. My advice to potential 'Sands of Egypt' owners is to not let this bug affect your decision to buy the game, as it is otherwise an excellent program - particularly the graphics - and you may not even encounter the bug!

Sands of Egypt should appear in the Adventure column towards the end of the year.

Garry Francis

Sydney, Australia


Dear Sir,

Can you help with a problem on POLE POSITION? When I have had only the minimum number of accidents on the ATARI circuit doing the full 8 laps, the counter resets to zero after 6 or 7 laps eliminating the chance to score above 110,000.

I've taken it back to the shop where I purchased it but they don't believe that anything is wrong as no-one has really sat down to play it.

Have any other readers experienced similar problems?

Roy Lynch, 


** I believe that this is a bug in the program. The 'bonus' counter only allows for two digits and if you therefore get a lap time bonus totalling more than 99 points, the counter resets. The only answer would seem to be to slow down when finishing each lap to try and ensure that the bonus counter stays below 99. An obvious oversight on the programmers part!


Dear Les,

Could you please publish a review of all the various copying utilities available and indicate which is the best to buy?

Steven Spencer, 

Tyne & Wear

** Sorry, no. I recently had a letter from somebody who claimed to have over 900 games for his Atari. Did he really spend 18,000 to 27,000 on these or perhaps just 15 on a copying utility? Whilst there are legitimate uses for a copying utility it is a sad fact that most owners use them for illegitimate copying of software. Every time someone does this, commercial support of Atari dies a little more in the U.K. If you try and justify it by saying that retailers make a fortune out of high Atari prices ask one of the dozens who have gone bust or the hundreds who no longer stock Atari software.



Dear Les,

Congratulations on the 'new look' issue 9, well worth the 90p price. Each issue goes from strength to strength and I can't wait to get the next one.

I hope that your readers appreciate the hard work and effort you put into producing the magazine but especially I hope that ATARI realise what a great job you are doing to keep ATARI computers alive in this country.


Washington, Tyne & Wear