De-Luxe Invaders


Issue 1

Dec 82/Jan 83

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ROKLAN     16K DISK 23.95
1/2 PLAYERS   16K ROM 28.99

We all know about Space Invaders so what's new about De-Luxe Invaders? Well, not much really. There are one or two nice touches, which don't add much to the game but do improve the visual presentation. Once you've seen them a few times however, it's back to shoot them Invaders again. Whether it is more difficult than ordinary Invaders, I don't know-depends how good you are at saving the galaxy. If you buy this as your first Invaders you won't be disappointed but if you are hoping to move on to something better following ordinary Space Invaders, think carefully - it is not vastly different. The sound by the way is not what it could be and the opening sequences are agonisingly slow.

The concept of Space Invaders is great but you can't really improve it much. The Atari VCS version is probably as good as any.