Clowns & Balloons


Issue 1

Dec 82/Jan 83

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1/2 PLAYERS      21.80

When I first loaded the program, I spent at least five minutes just watching the sample game, admiring the graphics and sound.

The game consists of catching a clown who jumps from the side of the big top on to a trampoline and then bouncing him up and down to burst the balloons at the top. Make sure you catch him on the way down! A monkey watches the proceedings impassively from a high wire.

Playing required a lot of perseverance to get used to the speed of movement of the joystick. In fact I was beginning to get bored before I got good enough to burst the first set of balloons but clear them I did to be rewarded by more fancy graphics and nearly a nasty surprise! I wonder what happens when you clear the second set?

My young children (5 and 7) have mixed feelings about this game. They like to watch others play but find the joystick usage too difficult.

In conclusion - not a game I could get addicted to but the absolutely superb graphics make it well worth buying to impress family and friends with the Atari capabilities.