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Dec 82/Jan 83

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1 PLAYER   25.50

I first saw Choplifter on the Atari stand at the Personal Computer World show where Atari were using it to show off the machine's capabilities. The biggest crowd was watching this game and rightly so - it is superb.

The idea is to fly your helicopter and rescue hostages whilst fighting off pursuing jet fighters and bombing tanks which are trying to kill you and the hostages. Once you find the building where the hostages are, you blast it open and they come running! Then it's land your chopper and get as many aboard as you can before the enemy attacks, some will get scared and run off if the enemy gets too close and many will die if you are not quick enough. Watch you don't kill your own people, it's easy to do if you don't watch where you fire. The simulation of the helicopter flight as your chopper dodges and weaves is quite superb and the reaction of the hostages is most realistic. The whole display is in Graphics 8 and makes very effective use of scrolling and Atari's other unbeatable qualities.

Shame it is only available on Disk, but if you have a Disk Drive, go out and buy this. Or, how about going out and buying a Disk Drive!