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Dec 82/Jan 83

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1 PLAYER     23.95

All you arcade freaks, will have been waiting for Frogger to arrive and will need only a short review. It was worth the wait - go and buy it!

For those of you who don't know what the fuss is about, get a look at this game which is simple in concept but fascinating to play. You have to get your frogs into the bank at the top of the screen to earn bonus points. Quite simple eh? Well, you've first got to cross a busy street then over a beach and across the river. If you don't get run over or drowned there are many other perils including alligators, otters and worms! And by the way there's a lady frog out there who needs your help. The game is quite challenging but not in the nerve-racking way of the space-challenge games, you can relax a little in this one.

Preppie and Pacific Coast Highway are similar games but Frogger was the first and on the Atari is probably the best. Frogger uses sound much more sparingly than Preppie and it's much the better for it.