Hungry Horris

Anthony Davies, Gwent


Issue 9

May/Jun 84

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Horris is a hungry Atarian caterpillar but fortunately there is plenty for him to eat. His only problem is that he has the tendency to rush at things and knock himself out on the walls in his garden.

The object of the game is to get Horris to eat as many fruits as he can. There are cherries worth 10 points each and mushrooms worth 50 points. Eat 20 and you get a bonus before going on to the next round. If you hit a wall you loose one of your three lives. There are three levels of play chosen by the SELECT key. In Novice mode you only have one wall to avoid but in Intermediate mode you have five and there are ten in the Advanced mode. There is sound throughout the game but you can choose to turn this off by using the OPTION key at the beginning of the game.

Best of luck in feeding Horris. When you press START for the first time the screen will go blank for about 20 seconds. If it does not come back on again, you had better get out the TYPO tables!

AtariLister - requires Java