Issue 10

Jul/Aug 84

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Welcome to the first 'special' issue of PAGE 6, all about Adventures. I hope that the articles and programs provide something of interest for both seasoned Adventurers and novice explorers and also stimulate the interest of those who have not yet tried an Adventure. Whilst I have very little time now to play Adventures, I do enjoy them immensely and feel that they are one of the most satisfying types of game to play on a micro. They provide lasting value, both money-wise and by exercising your mind and they illustrate one of the most valuable uses of a home computer which is to make you think! I would like to thank all who contributed to this issue and especially Garry Francis who provided much valuable material.

The main program listing in this issue requires 32 K but what if you only have 16 K or are not interested in Adventures? Turn to DIAMONDS by Sydney Brown for a great game that can be enjoyed by 1 or 2 players. There are not that many magazine listings that provide a good game for one or two players but this is one. You will also find plenty of other bits and pieces throughout what I hope is another well-balanced issue.

Many people seem to be writing Atari off lately and it is true that, when compared to most other machines in the UK, Atari does not represent a good investment to many software producers. ATARI themselves do not help their cause when ATARISOFT puts out titles for the BBC and Electron at half the price of the ATARI versions. How many people buy other machines because the software is cheaper? Still, there are one or two promising signs of retailers/ manufacturers who aim to give Atari a big stimulus this year. Many of these people will advertise in PAGE 6 and you can do your part by responding to their advertisements.

Several items of cheaper software are now becoming available but one or two small ads elsewhere have been for software of appalling standard. If you have been ripped-off write and let me know because there is quite a lot of good low priced software around but the people producing it tend to suffer at the hands of those who are just out for the quick buck.