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Issue 10

Jul/Aug 84

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ATARI's current new releases are again based on established arcade favourites. PENGO is set in the Antarctic where you control a penguin to fight off deadly Sno-Bees. ROBOTRON 2084 is based on the BEZERK format. Next, needing no introduction, is DONKEY KONG JR. which has four screens, all timed. MOON PATROL combines space, driving and maze games in which you drive a moon buggy across a lunar landscape avoiding rocks, craters, mines and other obstacles whilst fighting off UFO's. MILLIPEDE is the final release and, as the name suggests, it is based on CENTIPEDE. All are available now on ROM for 24.99

If you have a disk drive, some of the finest software available comes from Electronic Arts. New titles to look out for over the summer are SEVEN CITIES OF GOLD, ARCHON II, DR J AND LARRY BIRD GO ONE-ON-ONE, THE STANDING STONES and THE FINANCIAL COOKBOOK.

For more advanced programmers, one of the reasons for keeping the 800 was MONKEY WRENCH. If you are tempted however by the 800XL, Eastern House Software have made the decision even more agonising by bringing out MONKEY WRENCH II for the XL range. U.S. price is $50.

Among several new items due to be released from ATARI later in the year are ATARI PASCAL on disk and ATARI SUPER PILOT with extended sound and graphics. Also PLAYER MAKER a utility for player-missile graphics and SCREEN MAKER for mixed mode screens.

Some titles to look out for from DATASOFT are GENISIS an arcade game of scorpions against spiders, LOST TOMB a timed maze game, GUMBY a concentration game for kids and HEATHCLIFF, a reading and spelling game.

EPYX also have a lot of new releases due. CONSTRUCTION CREW is for kids where they control the work being done. KEN USTON'S PUZZLEMANIA is a bunch of brainteasers. NIBBLER, a super snake game and ROBOTS OF DAWN where you must solve a murder in the future. If you like sport there is THE WORLD'S GREATEST BASEBALL GAME where you pick the line up using real players and statistics. Finally to help you type comes 9 TO 5 TYPING.

Note that some of the titles mentioned in the news section may not become available in the U.K. If you want a particular item be sure to let your retailer know.