The Sorceror of Claymorgue Castle

reviewed by Steve Gould


Issue 10

Jul/Aug 84

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Scott Adams has at last found the time to release the next in his series of Adventures. It has been two long years since Golden Voyage but Scott has definitely not been idle because he is back with a vengeance!

As mentioned in my interview with Scott, you play the part of Beanwick, apprentice to a powerful sorceror. Thirteen Power Stars have been lost in the castle and surrounding area.

All you have to do is find and STORE the Stars of Power with the initial help of a few spells including such puzzlers as the 'Wicked Queen Spell', 'Yoho Spell' and 'Fire Spell', amongst others.

Having played the Adventure for a few weeks, I have found the subtle humour is devious indeed and certainly makes the going tough. Scott estimates that this might take as long to complete as Savage Island 1 & 2 together so be prepared for a long and frustrating headache! There are some nice touches especially the spells.

All in all this is an excellent addition to an already superb series of Adventures with the S.A.G.A version released at the same time.