Quest Probe - The Hulk

reviewed by Steve Gould


Issue 10

Jul/Aug 84

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Adventure International have started the ball rolling on their Marvel licence with the first in the Quest Probe series - The Hulk. Again, after having played this for a few weeks, I can say that it is another winner.

You start the adventure as Bruce Banner tied up in a chair and your first task is to escape. There are various ways to do this but I can tell you that GET ANGRY is not one of them! The object of this adventure is to collect all the *GEMS* you can find and store them. 'Don't ask me how many there are as I have so far found only 4 and managed to score only 23 points out of 100.

The review copy was a pre-release version but I understand that the intention is that you will get a free comic with the game and it is recommended that you read the comic, for the Adventure begins where the comic ends! There are several other features that I enjoyed but I am not going to disclose too much. The text version is certainly thoroughly recommended.

On now to the S.A.G.A. The first and most apparent difference from the early S.A.G.A.'s is that all flicker has been eliminated and the pictures are bigger and infinitely better. After three nights playing I have come to the conclusion that this is by far the best S.A.G.A to date and in fact I'd go so far as to say that it is the best Graphic Adventure of any kind that I have seen. If you want to know the standard of the graphics just take a look at one of the Marvel comics, they are that good! Each picture is loaded from disk although you can play the game as a straight text adventure.

The actual game play is excellent with many devious moves and hidden dangers. Other Marvel characters make a showing in one way or another and you must beware of a confrontation with the Chief Examiner (guess who!). The one thing I do like about this adventure (text or graphics versions) is that you don't actually die! If something nasty happens you end up in a state of limbo where a sign tells you that you have been given another chance. You simply GO DOWN and end up in the place you started from. I 'died' quite frequently and found no side-effects, penalty points or anything untoward so the only way to end the game is to type QUIT.

Great value for money for two disks and the best Graphics Adventure to be released for the Atari to date. Watch out for SPIDERMAN!