reviewed by Les Ellingham


Issue 11

Sep/Oct 84

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ARTWORX               1 PLAYER

Gwendolyn is an 'arcade-adventure' of the type which is fully joystick controlled and comes on two disks. The arcade adventure is much more graphically oriented than the text based adventures and Gwendolyn includes a certain amount of animation and sound. Whilst there are puzzles to solve the choices are limited and the plot is therefore not as complex as most text based adventures. The graphics are reasonably good but use artifacting which does not lend itself well to the PAL system and the images are therefore lacking in colour. At first I was quite disappointed with the game mainly because of the limitations of joystick control and I wandered around for a long time doing absolutely nothing, but once I was underground it became more interesting. Eventually I became hooked as more progress was made. One of the attractions of a two-disk adventure is to get onto the second disk! Gwendolyn is much more suited to novice or intermediate Adventurers or those who like some graphics and action. Experienced text Adventurers would probably find the joystick control too limiting and are likely to solve the adventure in a short time.