Blue Thunder

reviewed by Les Ellingham


Issue 11

Sep/Oct 84

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Blue Thunder is a helicopter rescue mission similar to Choplifter but if you have not seen that game or could not afford it you can get similar enjoyment from Blue Thunder for just 9.95. Your mission is to rescue your comrades from a remote island whilst avoiding hazards such as ground and sea based missiles, armoured barrage balloons and electric storms. Your jetcopter is armed and can destroy the nuclear reactor besides which your comrades are held captive but not the gun emplacements which you must pass. The best feature of the game is the control of the helicopter which is quite realistic (a fact confirmed by a reader in the RAF!) and is fairly complex to master. The joystick controls the direction of the helicopter in the normal left, right, up and down motion but with the trigger pressed, the helicopter can be turned. A medium press will turn through 90 and a long press through 180. As the trigger is also used to fire missiles (via a short press) it can take some time to master the controls. The helicopter banks as it turns and heads away and looks very good. The background graphics are of reasonable standard and the game scrolls over six screens. In the short time available for review I was not able to rescue anybody so there would appear to be some challenge to the game which should keep you occupied for many hours. Blue Thunder is not a fast paced game but requires plenty of control and is a worthy addition to your collection.